Dick Allen

In 1972, Dick Allen became the first bespectacled position player to be selected as MVP as a Chicago White Sox. In a strike-shortened season of 154 games, Allen hit .308 with 37 homers and 113 RBI. He collected 99 walks for a league-leading .420 OBP. He also led the league in slugging (.603). That’s domination.

Allen played 15 seasons in the Majors and hit .292 in an very difficult era for hitters. He has 351 career homers and many people thick he should be in the Hall of Fame. But he was a very controversial player who had difficulty fitting in everywhere he played.

1972 was his first season with the White Sox. It was a fresh start for the moody slugger and he blossomed under Chuck Tanner, an easygoing manager. Unfortunately, he got hurt in 1973 and the White Sox fell from 87-65 to 77-85. Allen rebounded in 1974, hitting 32 homers... but he retired with a month left to play without an explanation. The White Sox traded him after the season.

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